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Practice Group MeditationWe structure our programs based on Buddhist teachings, particularly the three trainings. Every day is a complete module in itself.

You will receive teachings in the morning and in the afternooon. The first session on the morning excursion is different every day based on the individual energy of every group. The daily meditation teachings will be useful and practical - that's our greatest strength.

Our teacher is an experienced meditator and has the ability to tune into the needs of every individual during group sessions. The teachings are unscripted and natural.

The Three Trainings

1. Sila: The training of morality (Also translated as "ethics" or "restraint"). This is the foundation of all mental qualities. This section deals with physical, verbal and mental action, reaction, impulsive behaviour, character and psychological issues. It prepares the mind for deeper meditation by using the transformative power of kindness and compassion mostly. Read more about Sila.

2. Samadhi: The training of concentration (also translated as "absorption" or "unification"). This creates a powerful mind resting within itself. We work on a peaceful and clear state of mind characterized by serene power and effectiveness. Samadhi is entirely based on and nourished by the first training. Read more about Samadhi.

3. Panna: The training of wisdom (also translated as "insight" or "discernment"). This training is all about directly experiencing the three marks of existence - unsatisfactoriness (dukkha), impermanence (annicca) and selflessness (anatta). Thereby you will slowly learn to relax on a very deep level that transcends all suffering and stress. Read more about Panna.


Daily Practice Explained

Practice Morning Meditation GroupMorning Group Meditation Session (6:00 - 9:00)

Out in the wild! You will have your first meditation session in the morning on our fantastic excursions. Just after you've received your teachings. At first there will be group teachings and after that everybody goes out to search a secluded place and we meditate together. This is a particularly important time of the day as it determines whether the teachings have been correctly understood and everyone is able to put them into practice.


Practice Buddhist MeditationFirst session on your own (10:00-13:00)

Discover the silence within and practice what you've learned. During this time you can improve your experience in your own pace. If you want to sit quietly for a long time to deepen your meditation, go ahead. If you feel that short sessions benefit you more, feel free to sit for short times. It's all about the pleasure of meditation and the joy of sitting. Why make a chore out of something so nice anyways? To support your practice we recommend silence during this period.


Practice MeditationSecond Meditation Session (14:00 - 16:00)

The energy will change during the afternoon and you can learn to listen and adapt to it. Challenges are a great way of seeing where you can improve your practice. It might become very easy to get absorbed in meditation or it might be very hard for you. Either way you may improve an aspect of your practice such as tranquility or kindness towards yourself. During this period we also recommend you to practice in silence.


Practice Meditation Session PhuketThird Meditation Session (19:00 - Open End)

During the evening Session you have the chance to practice the adjustments you got during the Question and Answer time at 17:00. As always, you will experience a change of energy during this time. This will challenge your awareness and ask for your skills. During this time you can also stay in silence to support your practice if you want. You can practice with an open end at your own pace - it's really easygoing.


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