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We recommend very useful resources, links and healthy locations in Phuket, Thailand and online. These are the links to centers, teachers and useful content which we have personally reviewed and selected to help you with your studies after our retreats.


HeavenmanearthHeavenmanearthIn a sea of disinformation, it’s always refreshing and exciting to access “the real deal”. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to locate those rare teachers who exhibit profound skill in both practice and transmission of the art. It can be harder still to spend any significant amount of time training with them. In order to provide you with instant access to the best training available, Sifu Adam Mizner, founder of the Heaven Man Earth Taiji International School, is proud to present Discover Taiji online. 



Heavenmaneart Taiji internationalBanner Heavenmanearth2Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts International is dedicated to the teaching and practice of an ensemble of internal arts under the guidance of Sifu Adam Mizner. These are Taijiquan, Neigong, Meditation and Buddha Dhamma. Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts International was founded by Sifu Adam Mizner in 2004, its mission is the propagation of authentic internal arts for health, martial arts and spiritual development.



AtsumiAtsumiThe Atsumi Healing Center in Phuket, Thailand is a place to relax, rest and renew your health and vitality. We provide a selection of well-proven, safe and effective Fasting and Detoxing programs, utilizing high quality natural organic herbs and cleansing drinks. During your stay with us you can enjoy many healthy pursuits including yoga, meditation, massages and spa treatments. We highly recommend this place for great detox-programs.



ProvolutionProvolutionMichael Paul Stephens is a British spiritual author, philosopher and corporate coach. Over the last 10 years his books, workshops, retreats and corporate consultations have guided thousands of people towards practices that free their minds and spirits to cope with the rigors of daily life, bringing about powerful transformation in individuals and teams. Michael’s work centers on developing real-world applications for his spiritual philosophy. He seeks the means to offer as many people the opportunity to find genuine happiness.



Shima HealingShima HealingShima Healing Academy offers a variety of traditional healing-arts training programs, on the beautiful and enchanted island of Koh Yao Noi, in southern Thailand. The ancient healing arts we teach include, Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, and Reiki, a traditional Japanese energy healing. These programs are complemented by daily meditation, Yoga/Tai-Chi and Qigong/pranayama classes, providing you a complete and holistic experience. Their aim is to guide you through a balanced, experiential learning journey, with the goal of preparing you to be ready to serve others.



CocoretreatCocoretreatCoco Retreat is a Boutique resort with focus on yoga, detox and your well being. Located on a beautiful hillside in the South of Phuket near the well known Wat Chalong Temple and with a breathtaking mountain view at the famous Big Buddha of Phuket. Set in a tropical paradise, 'Coco Retreat' is a resort centrally located in Chalong, Phuket. Close to the nearby fitness gyms (Tiger Muay Thai, Dragon May Thai, Unit 27, Phuket Top Team, Titan etc) beaches, big buddha and shops (malls and markets) this is the perfect place to come and relax, detox or get fit.




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