As so many others on this great planet we are on a mission as well. We are well known for life-changing meditation retreats, free meditation classes, authentic Qigong healing and Life coaching in Phuket and we offer all of that for a specific reason.


Meaningful Education

Third Meditation Session PhuketIt is our number one priority to offer meaningful education. By that we mean an education based on experience and not repetition. An education which is geared towards achieving more happiness and peace for oneself as well as others. In our opinion, a meaningful education system increases loving kindness, compassion, self-awareness and concentration and finally peace of mind. A person being endowed with such qualities would be a wonderful contribution to a healthy global society. If you want to clearly see the problems of current and outdated education systems then look at the problems of our societies. Depression, anxiety, stress, lack of purpose, unnatural lifestyle and many other physical and mental difficulties are a clear proof that the way we are brought up and educated seems to create problems later in life. Socially and mentally - we all could do with more heart and wisdom besides numbers and empty repetition of facts that only a few students are truly passionate about.



childwatchphuket donationWith our free Meditation Classes we want to support local and international charities. You have the possibility to offer donations if these classes are of benefit for you. We will use a 100% of the donations and offer them to local and global charities. With your donations we specifically support programs to help animals, meaningful education and sustainable health organisations.




Spreading Love 

Thai Meditation PhilosophyAll in all we are working hard to spread love. This life is short and we feel that it would be best used by cultivating the spirit. Is there anything better than spreading loving kindness, wisdom and peace within ourselves and around us? We definitely didn't find anything more meaningful and beneficial. Living a life filled with insight, kindness and without regrets is a life worth sharing with others. Living and sharing such a life with you is our dream.