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At the meditation retreats we follow a daily schedule. We base our timetable on a few important principles. This is for you to make sure that you really understand the points of succesful and good meditation practice. So let us first introduce you to our principles of practice. Please read them well as they are important to understand the nature of Dharana Retreats.


Our Daily Schedule

Time Activity
06:00 Morning Meditation Teachings and excursion to some of the most important and beautiful locations on Phuket Island. 
09:00 Breakfast Time
09:30 First Meditation Period. Practice on your own and deepen your practical understanding of the morning teachings
13:00 Lunch Time
13:30 Second Meditation Period. Deepen your practice
15:00 Daily Yoga Class or Meditation Practice
16:00 Questions and Answers - Further Teachings
18:00 Dinner Time
19:30 Third Meditation Period with open end. Practice what you've learned before in the Q&A


Dharana Principles of Practice:

No-Force PrincipleThe No-Force Principle

We have open meditation practice times. It' up to you to decide when you sit down, why you are here and how you best use your time. We don't force you to sit still for an hour. Meditation is NOT a chore and you can't reach deeper levels by pushing hard. Meditation is NICE - it's fun! It's wonderful to sit down and train the mind, it's so nice to simply relax! A singer doesn't have to discipline himself to sing a song - he loves doing it, right? A plant doesn't have to be forced to grow - all it needs is regular water, light and good soil. That's what we offer you here. We give you all the requisites that make inner peace grow.  How you finally make use of these requisites will be a matter of your wisdom and the motivation to make the best of your stay.


Second Meditation Session PhuketThe Balance Principle

A good meditator is able to make use of whatever sensual impressions appearing to his/her awareness. Instead of trying to get rid of sensual impressions by "pushing the world away" we focus on making use of the world and learn how to combine authentic Meditation practice with an everyday life. How to train Awareness, Concentration and Insight in a family environment, in a business environment as well as within the peace of your own room are major questions today. What use is our meditation practice if its results don't improve our daily life anyways? We see it like this: Unskillful Meditators flee from challenges while skillful Meditators learn how to use them for their benefit.


Third Meditation Session PhuketThe Principle of Authentic Training

Here at the Dharana Retreats we don't focus on "getting away". We focus on fully "being there". Instead of missing out on the richness and fullness of life and nature in all its variations we learn to use every single experience to transform our perception of life into that what it truly is - something words cannot describe. Meditation has been misunderstood for a long time as being the domain of monasteries or caves and forests. As not all of us have access to caves and forests it would mean that meditation is not for us. This is an entirely wrong conception. Having the right intention and powerful tools you can get very far in daily life - guaranteed. These authentic tools used here are the three Buddhist trainings.


Coaching-Retreat-ThailandThe Principle of Personalized Coaching

We don't offer standardized training because everybody is different. Our group sizes are small, never exceeding 15 people. That guarantees a great deal of personal attention and self-development as well as very good service.The fact that we don't offer standardized training does not exclude the offer of a powerful and authentic method based in Thai Theravada Buddhist systems. It's all about the personal levels of development of our guests. With our teaching methods these are well-respected and supported so all meditators are most welcome. Beginners and intermediate practitioners however will benefit most. Advanced practitioners should seek out profound seclusion to develop subtle levels of Insight.


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