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The Dharana Meditation and Retreat Center here in Phuket/Thailand stands for quality Meditation Retreats and life-changing education programs. We offer three branches of internal training focusing on body, mind and life in general. We mainly concentrate on spiritual development and finding the purpose of life. Dharana is not just a regular Retreat Center - it is a place changing the rest of your life for the better.


About Dharana

We founded the Phuket Meditation Center or Dharana Meditation Retreat in Phuket in the year 2009. We have been offering Meditation Retreats since 2010 continually improving them based on suggestions and loving reviews from our many guests. Our slogan "Lifechanging" is coming from the feedback we have received so many times - it's not our own invention. Over the time our programs have shown to be life changing in so many ways for so many people. It is impossible to see life with the same eyes once you have done a retreat with us. We are based in the "Land of smiles" for a good reason. Thailand is a Buddhist country and people are very open-minded when it comes to the subject of meditation. During our daily excursions you will quickly see that it is an ideal surrounding for spiritual seekers from all over the world. That's why we are here in amazing Thailand.


What's the meaning of "Dharana"?

The Big Buddha of PhuketDharana (from Sanskrit धारणा dhāraṇā) means "single focus" or "concentration". The verbal root is "dhri" which means to hold, to carry or to resolve. We chose this name for our center because it is our single focus to help increasing wellbeing and peace within this world using a simple, practical and single pointed approach based on the ancient wisdom of Buddhist philosophy. The Buddha mentioned that he teaches just two things - suffering and the end of suffering. That's our single pointed focus - the end of suffering within an individuals heart. We meet that with authentic teachings and personalized guidance.


Our Logo explained

Phuket Meditation Center LogoSeeing our logo we are often reminded of the cyclic nature of our existence. Constantly being in a state of lack caused by craving for this or that we seem trapped in an endless chase of "the next nice thing". That way we never see that the present moment holds all the happiness we are so desperately looking for. That happiness is the red dot at the center. Once we are able to connect to the present moment with mindfulness, we end the cyclic nature of our existence by finding deep peace within. You can see that the red dot leads to a way out - the pointy end at the top of the logo. Simply put: Awareness or knowing leads to satisfaction and peace within the present moment.


What do we offer?

Phuket Meditation CenterWe offer personalized Meditation Retreats based on Buddhist philosophy, Yoga Classes, regular free Meditation classes, life coaching and counseling as well as authentic Qigong classes. Most importantly we don't just offer some great service, we offer our love, our passion and our friendship to every single person who comes to visit us. We see every event as if it would be the last thing we are doing in our life. That way we make sure to follow the right way and see you as a friend and not a "customer".




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Phuket Garden Home69/509 Moo 1, Tambon (Subdistrict) Chalong
Amphoe (District) Mueang
83130 Phuket

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Phone: (+66) 087 2797655

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