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"We would love to share a very simple truth with you. I am talking about the fact that peace can only be found when you come to rest within your heart. When you are truly at peace with yourself here and now - when no further action stands between you and LIFE. Knowing peace means knowing how to stop doing, having and becoming - it is BEING. This skill is what we want to share with you from the bottom of our heart."


Upcoming Retreats

Come and deeply relax your body and mind with our unique and lifechanging Meditation retreats here on the beautiful Island of Phuket. We are known as one of the best Meditation and Retreat Centers in the South of Thailand and combine a relaxing holiday experience with an authentic Mindfulness Retreat. Our Program is ideal for beginners and everyone who loves simplicity, warmth and comfort.


Retreat Dates Combined 

Dharana Retreats GeneralRetreats are running throughout the year. Our classic 4 Night Retreats start every Monday and finish every Friday. You can click here to see all the dates for 2015 and see all upcoming retreats.

Upcoming Retreats

June & July
Retreat Dates1 29th June - 03rd July
06th July - 10th July
13th July - 17th July
20th July - 24th July
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September & October
Retreat Dates2 21st Sep. - 25th Sep.
28th Sep - 02nd Oct.
05th Oct. - 09th Oct.
12th Oct. - 16th Oct.
19th Oct. - 23rd Oct.
26th Oct. - 30th Oct.
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November & December
Retreat Dates3 23rd Nov. - 27th Nov.
30th Nov. - 04th Dec.
7th Dec. - 11th Dec.
14th Dec. - 18th Dec
21st Dec. - 25th Dec.
28th Dec. - 01st Jan.
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Comfortable Accommodation

Deluxe Accommodation Large
Deluxe Accommodation Large

Deluxe Rooms

For those who want to relax deeply on all levels while on retreat...


Standard Accommodation Large
Standard Accommodation Large

Standard Rooms

For those who are on an budget and want to stay with us...


External Accommodation Large
External Accommodation Large

External Rooms

For those who want to stay somewhere else and visit every day...



Daily Schedule

Dharana Retreats ScheduleDharana Retreats Schedule The structure at the retreat creates peace.  We provide you with an environment of relaxation in which you can easily let go of past and future.

4 Day Retreats:
Our retreats are well organized for you to relax deeply.



Retreat Rates

Dharana Retreats PricesDharana Retreats PricesSeveral different prices allow you to enjoy our retreats in many ways. You can now easily participate in our programs whether you are on a budget or not.

Different Rates:
Prices range from 14400 THB to 33300 THB for singles and couples. We also offer great promotions for everybody!



Find Out More

Dharana Retreats GeneralDharana Retreats GeneralOur retreats are well known for being lifechanging, relaxing and meaningful events. Find out everything about the excursions, the schedule, the meals, our Yoga Classes and much more.

Our little Secret:
Amongst a set of relaxing daily activities our main ingredient is love :)



What Our Guests Say

Dharana Retreats ReviewsDharana Retreats ReviewsDale Hutchinson says:

"How could ALL the reviews be so positive?", asked my husband before I departed for PMC. I quickly learned why. From the moment I was picked up at the airport by the Center's lovely and friendly driver, to my last guided meditation at dawn sitting on a scenic Phuket beach with Tobi and Parn...the experience in a word....awesome!..."



Our ReviewsJeni / AUS: "If we were to be granted a wish it would be to have met Tobi and Parn long ago !! We believe our real journey in life has just begun thanks to this awesome life changing experience..."


Read our blog

Our BlogThe Dharana Blog is your number one ressource to learn all about the practice of Buddhist Meditation and authentic mindfulness practice as taught here at the Dharana Retreat Center in Phuket/Thailand.

Our Blog...

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Contact Us 

Phuket Meditation Center

69/509, Moo 1, Tambon Chalong
Amphoe Mueang, 83130 Phuket
P: (+66) (0)87 2797655
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