Thailand Health Retreats DharanaThe right nutrition is not only important to maintain physical health, radiance and strength. It is also a very important reason for mental wellbeing and clarity. Balancing your nutrition the right way leads to a mind filled with silent clarity, ready to enter deep meditation with ease. Good nutrition, authentic teachings, comfortable accommodation, amazing excursions, relaxing facilities and refreshing Yoga classes work together in harmony to create a fantastic retreat experience.


Meditation and Nutrition

Several meditation masters speak about the importance of right nutrition. Quality and amount of food are both vital elements supporting practice. If you eat the wrong quality (non-organic, not fresh, loaded with MSG or unnatural sugars as well as mass production-meats) you might either cause an overly excited state of mind or an overly heavy and lethargic state. 

Eating at the wrong times will have the same results. Eating too late makes the body digest when it would need to rest. So it uses its energy to process food instead of using it for meditation. No wonder you would feel heavy and tired - even in the next morning. Eating too little however will create a mind which is too "light". You will be nervous and overly full of thoughts instead of being able to concentrate on practice. After a while your body will be so weak that it becomes an obstacle for meditation. The right balance is crucial to support meditation practice.

The importance of Mealtimes

Dharana Health Retreat in Phuket Vegetarian DishesWe eat two or three vegetarian meals per day at important times. Our Breakfast will be at around 08:30 every morning. It'll be nutritious and full of important energy and fiber. That way you will be strong and full of energy during the morning hours. Lunch at 12:00pm will then fill the gap just perfectly and restore your levels so you have power during the afternoon sessions. Dinner at 18:00pm will be light so your digestive system doesn't have to invest too much energy digesting heavy food. As a result your sleep will be light and refreshing, just the way it should be.


Food made with love

It's not only important to eat the right quality at the right time. It is very important to eat food that is prepared with love. That's what we offer you as well. Our food is grown locally, in our garden, organic and fresh. Loving hands make it in a home-cooked way - extra for you. No mass-production, no fast food - just like in old times ;)

Local, organic, fresh, seasonal

Thailand Phuket Healthy Fruit SaladSince the food we offer is local and organic, we need to respect different natural seasons. Some fruit only grows at specific times during the year and might be unavailable when you are here. However, eating seasonal food is actually beneficial as we live in harmony with and respect the gifts of nature at that specific time. During summertime we will eat fruits that are naturally cooling and during the cold season we will eat food that is naturally strengthening the immune system and builds up energy to cope with the coolness. Anything else would naturally make little sense.

Our Menu, Allergies and other Health Problems

When you check in you will choose what you eat together with Parn. You will select all your meals for your retreat so you don't have to worry about it later anymore. We respect any condition you might have and of course special wishes as we keep our group size low enough to allow for this. So feel free to let us know what we can do for you to make your experience even better. That's what makes the Dharana Meditation and Retreat Center special - individualized and loving care.