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Free Meditation Classes in ThailandWe offer regular free classes here at the Phuket Meditation Center. We base them on Thai Theravada Buddhist teachings and structure them into three modules. We start with general teachings which arise in dependency upon requests of the students or certain topics which are right for the circumstances. After that we meditate for a while and end the session with a question and answer section.    

Why are the classes free?

We follow the principle of Dana (Generosity, Giving), that means we offer the teachings for the benefit of the people who need to relax and find peace within. In our tradition we consider it incorrect to charge money for this. We see teachings as something giving the highest benefit of happiness and peace. Charging money for something as beneficial and healing would not feel right to us. However you are welcome to practice Dana as well and show your appreciation for the classes by offering any amount of money as long as you are happy to give.

What happens to the donations?

We collect every single donation until we have a nice amount. We will give a 100% of the collected money to international or local charity organisations to help people and animals all over the world. You can always see how much we gave away and where the money went right here on our donations page. The donations program runs since February 2013. 

Thai Meditation Teachers

Here at the Meditation Center we follow the teachings of some of the most influential and powerful Buddhist Meditation Teachers the world has seen. It is important to note that "following" means working on the experience of the teachings those masters have given. We think it is important to tell you where we come from so you can get a better picture of the teaching style and the content. We are strongly influenced by:

The Thai Forest Tradition

Ajahn Mun Buridatta Thera Luang Pu Mun Bhuridatta Thera
Ajahn Maha Boowa Nanasampanno Luang Pu Maha Boowa Ñāṇasampaṇṇo
Ajahn Chah Luang Pu Chah Subhaddo
Luang Por Jumnian Silasettho Luang Por Jumnian Silasettho

The Tibetan Gelug Tradition

Geshe Rabten Rinpoche Geshe Rabten Rinpoche
Gonsar Rinpoche Kyabje Gonsar Rinpoche

Thai Buddhist Meditation

Our teacher introduces you to Thai Buddhist Meditation based on the forest tradition. Its simplicity, direct approach and avoidance of complicated theory and rituals is great for people interested in actual practice. Furthermore it is based on the original Pali scriptures and very close to Buddhas original teachings. For the sake of direct understanding and experience we avoid unnecessary rituals and overly complicated theory so the classes are very suitable for anyone truly interested in developing the mind. So if you are here in Phuket and want to learn more about traditional and authentic Thai Meditation, make sure to visit us.

Our Meditation Classes

Our regular classes are a fantastic possibility for you and your family or friends to get to know more about Meditation in a relaxed and open environment. You can contact us to let us know when you want to come and visit us or simply to ask a question. You don't have to be Buddhist as we focus on cultivating the mind. This is universal and doesn't need some sort of "membership in a club". Buddhists are very much like scientists so you are very welcome to explore the mind together with us, everybody is welcome.

Reviews from our guests

"Life Changing Retreat"

By Chrissie R., United Kingdom

My daughter and I have just been lucky enough to spend time at the Phuket Meditation Centre with Tobi and Parn. I chose this venue after reading some wonderful reviews about other peoples experiences. We were collected on time from our hotel and brought to the centre to be greeted by Parn, she greeted us with such warmth and sincerity we instantly felt relaxed and at home. The centre is in a quiet area surrounded by beautiful trees and bird song, Our chalet was spacious, clean. air conditioned and comfortable, we were looked after in every possible way, whether it was the daily cleaning of the room, the wonderful variety of very tasty food or just made to feel very comfortable with all the amenities.

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